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Branding, Social Media, Marketing




Do you love narrating audiobooks or doing voice-over work, but find yourself struggling with your branding, marketing, or even just keeping up with social media?

Do you have ideas but don’t know how to implement them?

I can help you with that! My experience as a Brand Strategist and Director of B2B (Business-to-Business) sales, combined with my passion to help others, has provided me with the skills to help you succeed. I combine my knowledge of people (my Master's degree in Sociology) and psychology (my Master's degree in Counseling Psychology) to help you create a brand that is uniquely you!

Download your copy today of my newest work:
"The 365 Social Media Tips, Tricks & Prompts Workbook"


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A Year's

For a more comprehensive, individualized program, watch this:

This 4-Module, online-based, self-guided course includes: a digital workbook, dedicated Google Drive for you, custom homework assignments, and an in-depth analysis by Andy, PLUS, you'll also get four, one-on-one, individual, live video coaching sessions with Andy Garcia-Ruse!

With this program you will:

  • Learn exactly who you are

  • Identify your goals

  • Create easy step-by-step plans

  • Create your unique brand 

  • Create a customized social media plan

       All this for only $99.00


Contact Andy today via email at or

BOOK a FREE 15 MINUTE CONSULT VIA ZOOM for any questions

or to learn more!

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Are you an Indie Author? Download this Free PDF

"The Author's Guide to Audiobooks"

This 8-page guide will provide you with the initial information about having an audiobook made

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Kansas City, Missouri

(816) 898 - 4800

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