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Making Yourself at Home, at Work

As I sat here, doing my "Spring Cleaning" in my #studio this past week, I reflected on the global concept of working from home. I remember when I first bought my #StudioBricks in 2020. At the time, I decided to keep it pretty free of items (mostly because I was fearful that items within the studio would impact the #soundquality of my #audiobook recordings). BUT, after speaking with a few engineers, they said I *could*, in fact, put items inside my space without it impacting me. I still did not move foward and do this. Initially, I enjoyed the idea of the minimalist feeling. What's the expression? "A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind". Having a #TraumaticBrainInjury AND #ADHD, the thought of adding any additional "clutter" sounded horrific.

However, after spending quite a few hours in the #booth, I started to feel like it was a bit..."sterile"? It wasn't inviting and therefore, I found myself not especially motivated to enter (let alone stay there) for extende periods of time. Thus, began my personalization. I have since added a little bit of this and that---things that bring me joy and evoke feelings that keep me HAPPY to be a small, enclosed room... #recording. Obviously this will differ from person-to-person (regarding how much or how little or even what type of items are included in their own studio decorations and/or knick-knacks), but I'm now of the school of thought that it's very important to "make yourself at home" at work. Here's to making your #homestudio feel cozy, welcoming (and most importantly) genuinely YOU.

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